Mustard Seed Moments is our newest product line where we offer children's ministry through curriculum and faith based products.


Our first offering is the story "Chosen", authored by Danielle Turner and illustrated by Margaret Nelson, with a special illustration by M.S. Franco.

"Chosen" by Danielle Turner, weaves the parable of God's plan for us through the story of Little Pumpkin, who has a different idea of what his purpose in life is.  "Chosen" gives children an inspirational guide to trust in God's plan for them through a sweet and imaginative tale.

Excerpt from "Chosen"


He imagined he was sitting on a warm wooden table in a warm home filled with the tickling sound of laughter.


He was surrounded by happy children, each of them with their own opinion: "Let's do triangles for the eyes," one giggled.  "Oh no, I like half moon eyes," another on said.  "One of each!" the youngest squealed.  He imagined tiny hands wrapping around him and hugging him close. 

"Chosen" is beautifully illustrated by Margaret Nelson in a soft palette.


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